Application for being a mentor of Abroad Inquiry


For Mentorship:

Are you an international student or have you already finished your higher study from a country other than your home country and do you still live overseas? Do you want to share your overseas experiences with prospective international students like you? Do you want to spread your knowledge and network with a large number of international students and professionals around the world? Do you want to work in your free time with full freedom just as like as a freelancer? If yes, then you can work with a flexible working schedule that you will set-up on your own. Whenever you will get free time besides your studies and work, you can complete your task from anywhere connected with the Internet. Once you get selected as a mentor, you will get full guidelines and support from the Abroad Inquiry team. If you are a passionate person and seem like an exciting job for you, then you can apply now!

Mentors' Responsibilities:


      Mentors will talk with prospective students over Skype/WhatsApp after fixing the meeting according to your flexible time.

      During the conversation, mentors will share the related factual information to the students so that the students can learn about the university, course, study environment, part-time job, internships, and full-time working opportunities. After that mentors may refer to any university to apply or mentors may refer to Abroad Inquiry for further application support.

      Mentors have to provide the guidelines on how to write the motivation letter or cover letter and check them. Besides, mentors will guide the aspirants to arrange all required papers such as IELTS, recommendation letter, academic certificates & transcripts, motivation letter and so on.

      Further, mentors have to guide on how to organize the financial documents i.e., bank statements and solvency certificates.

      Mentors have to apply on behalf of a student to their preferred university for admission. Moreover, mentors need to complete the application form on behalf of students so that students can submit the papers to the embassy. Besides, mentors have to provide visa grooming to the aspirants (if required).

      Later, once students arrive in the country that the mentors assigned for, mentors may guide how to get accommodation, a part-time job, or probably mentors may often guide how to be successful in the exam. (Optional)

      Often, mentors may attend our international study seminar, fair or relevant events.

      Often mentors may write a few studies, work and abroad related blogs or create vlogs so that students can easily reach the mentors.

      Finally, mentors will work as a freelancer; therefore, there is no responsibility before the mentor takes any task on his/her hand.

Mentors' Benefits:

  1.     Mentors will get 70% of the money that Abroad Inquiry charges for initial guidelines over Skype/What’s App. Therefore, Abroad Inquiry recommends the mentors to create their free schedule and enlist it.
  2.     Mentors will get 50% of the money that Abroad Inquiry charges for an entirely successful application. The payment depends on the country that the mentors are working for.
  3.     Mentor will get 10% of bonus money for his/her referral if the mentor refers any aspirant to Abroad Inquiry for a complete application. That means, often mentors are quite busy with study and work. On that time mentors may refer the aspirants to apply through Abroad Inquiry or other mentors. (However, once the application becomes successful, the mentor will get his/her bonus!).
  4.     Mentors will get a bonus for every complete blogs and vlogs. (1000 BDT and 5000 BDT)
  5.     Mentors can complete as much application as they can in their free time. The more a mentor accomplishes the applications, the more he/she earns. That means, mentors can work as much as possible in their free time.
  6.     Mentors may get the plane fare and accommodation costs along with a bonus for international seminars and activities. Bonus amount depends on time and places. In general (10,000 BDT to 50,000 BDT).
  7.     Mentors will increase their network around the world with students and other mentors.

N.B. Without successful application, the mentors will not get the referral bonus and application fees from Abroad Inquiry. (Because Abroad Inquiry does not charge the clients for unsuccessful application)



  • Mentor is fluent in English. (If the mentor knows the local language that will increase the chance of being selected).
  • Mentor is living in that country for a minimum of one year and he/she has completed his/her degree or the mentor is still studying or the mentor has finished his/her degree and currently working in that country.
  • Running bachelor students are also advised to apply, if the candidates have completed a minimum of two years of their study and continuing the study.
  • The mentor has to know how to get admission because the mentor has to apply on behalf of Abroad Inquiry’s aspirants.
  • The mentor has to complete the visa application to the selective embassy on behalf of the student. In addition, the mentor has to provide visa grooming to their candidates.


N.B. A short course or exchange students will not count as a prospective mentor. However, if anyone has additional courses and a degree from another university, Abroad Inquiry advisees to add with a mentor's profile.

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