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Abroad Inquiry was born in 2017 from an altruist Facebook group which has helped hundreds of international students to pursue higher studies from all around the world. Abroad Inquiry is a community-based platform runs by a group of international students from different countries. Why was Abroad Inquiry born? The common thing is that students are being provided with false information from unauthentic sources and it results in the refusal of their visa application. This is not a refusal; we think it’s the death of a dream. Here at our Abroad Inquiry, we provide all factual true information related to higher study abroad that we have acquired from our real-life experience and thorough researches. We believe that a current student who has already gone through the hectic process of study abroad journey, can be the best source of information and understand the situation better than others, and information obtained is more authentic compared to online sources or any other student consultancy firms. Thus, we have built this platform to help upcoming students.

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